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Heroes Role Playing Game OOC Group
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IC Comm - all players must join

This game started out as a Heroes based game, but over the years we've included crossovers with Alphas, Fringe and the X-Files. If you think you have a character that would work, please submit an application.

No Harry Potter or Twilight characters PERIOD.

There will be NO posts or RP threads involving Rape/Sexual Assault/Child Molestation PERIOD.


1 – Each character must have their own LJ.

2 – Five(5) variations of each character will be allowed in the game. If you do not keep your character active, someone else can take your spot. More variations may be allowed later. For Example: HRG season one, HRG five years gone, HRG copy kingdom.

3 – Each Mun must be involved in 2 threads/fic per month. Mun not characters count for this. The Mun may write 2 fics, be involved in 2 threads or do 1 of each per month. We do a monthly update. It's easy to see what muns are involved and which aren't. Some threads carry over from one month to the next. As long as you're replying somewhere, it counts. If you are having health issues, real life issues, and you can't meet your activity requirement, post a notice on the OOC. Do not assume that the mods know you are having issues just because they might read your personal LJ. Sometimes that works, but it doesn't always. It's also respectful of your RP partners for you to post an (away notice).

4 – Character Limit – We'd love to say you can play up to 5 characters, but the mods are pretty guilty of going over this. Please try to keep your characters active. If you have a character that you're not feeling anymore, please cut them loose. If you've got one of the popular characters, like Peter, Sylar or Gabriel, and we don't see you RPing them, you'll be asked to give up the character. If you're playing a character that isn't in high demand, please keep to the 2 thread/fic rule for activity. If you're only playing one or two characters, that should be easy.

5 – Fanfic – feel free to post fanfic on the comm, but only if you want the fic to become part of your character’s canon.

6 - Tag Speed/Away Notices - Please try not to let a thread sit for over a week without a reply. If you can't get to it, or you've lost the mood, please let your thread partner know. It only takes a few minutes of your time, and it will prevent a storm of bad feelings. You can also put up an (away notice) on the OOC comm, or an (on hold) tag on the thread.

7 – Setting – Game play will take place primarily in New York, Las Vegas and Washington, DC.

8 – Cuts and Warnings – put all long posts under an LJ cut. All posts containing adult content or the potential for adult content must be labeled and under a cut.

9 – Tags – each character will be given a tag. Other tags include: open thread, adult content, violent content, completed thread…

10 – OOC Comm – You must post your bio to the OOC comm once it has been approved and tag the entry with your personal tag.

11 – Starting a thread – You need to post a note on the OOC, letting people know what the thread is about. If someone wants to join your IC thread, they will ask permission on the OOC post.

How We Play –

1 – The OOC Comm: Each IC post on LJ Comm has a post on the OOC where other players may comment or ask questions.

RP Sample Post

OOC - Sample Post

Sample Bio

2 – Tags: You must tag all your entries with your character tag plus at least one of the following:

(active), (adult content), (violent), (fanfic), (finished), (flashback)

Nothing pisses off the mods more than to have to clean up Tags on your entries. Once in awhile is normal, but we do not want to do it constantly.

3 – NPCs: Major NPCs are in the control of the Mods. Major NPCs are Heroes characters that are not in play, powerful people in New York… You may include minor NPCs in your posts.

4 – Fanfic: Please feel free to write solo stories for your character. If you post them no the IC comm they become canon for your character.

5 – Meta and silliness: Feel free to post fun stuff on the OOC. You may also pimp other communities there, and post non-canon changing fic there.